Delivering market driven food solutions for your business

Gathering for our customers: consistent supply, on-time deliveries, top products in terms of quality and a generous assortment that offers optimized solution to each business area with a focus on retail and foodservice.

We have risen to become the gateway for Romanian market of major players in French fries, Vegetables, Meat and Ready to Cook products, offering local insight, stable ground to develop, identifying trends and demands and offering full selling and logistic expertise.
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Access the biggest production facilities and leading companies in the sector with more than 25 years of experience

Leading production

By using the newest technology, we are able to offer you a high quality product in a variety of sectors

Strict regulations

Following strict food procedure and food safety regulations each facility is managed by professional specialists and managers

Deliver on time

We render logistic services using the most modern models of cooler vehicles, working down to -18 degrees

Leading brands under the same roof

Our products meet all regulations required from health organizations regarding food. Production is made under veterinary and medical control, paying particular attention to standards of food safety management system.
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